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April 2015 - Private Messages

Following José's accident we wanted to respect his, and his family's, privacy until we knew more about what had happened. But we had to start telling his friends - he was meeting some of them the following day to cheer on the marathon.

25th - José won't be able to meet you I'm afraid, so didn't want you hanging around. He's in hospital, I'll give you an update in the morning if that's ok. X

26th - No access to phone, communicate via Katie Barretta

29th - Slowly trying to let people know that life has thrown another curve ball. On Saturday José was injured in the woods whilst on his bike, he's in a critical condition with a broken neck, they're keeping him sedated for now. X

29th - The operation went to plan but he's yet to be taken off sedation. We're still taking it one day at a time as he remains critical. Maybe people could send cards or msgs I can read out to José. We don't know what he hears or understands but I'm running out of things to say. People have sent lovely emails but I can't access them on the ward.

I'm functioning through numbness; hating every second and dreading whatever the future holds if I'm honest. Thankfully I have to get out of bed for Bradley, otherwise I just don't know. If anyone asks though, just repeat the first 4 words of that answer! X

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