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Month 2 - Weaning

It’s been exactly two months since José’s accident; and what incredible progress he has made. 

He made it to the Spinal Rehabilitation ward at Stanmore hospital in time for his birthday (10thJune).
He is now breathing without the aid of the ventilator or additional oxygen all day and on his first night (Tuesday/Wednesday this week) he went 5 hours unsupported. 
His lung capacity also continues to increase, averaging around 1.5 litres now. 

But here’s the really good news: 

Following a real-time x-ray earlier today it was decided that José is now strong enough to try EATING and DRINKING! 
The nurses will begin feeding him a small amount of soft/mashed food at lunch and dinner, and he can have single sips of liquid through a straw. He will get the calories he needs from a drip directly into his stomach, but the oral feed will help him strengthen his jaw and swallow. 

The speech and language therapists can now start adding some vocal physio to improve his speaking. This accompanies the physio on his arms and shoulders, to keep them supple; and the increasing time in a wheelchair, to get used to being upright and to toughen the skin around his back and “sitting bones”. 

He is also getting electrical stimulation therapy, and time on a tilt table – and he has his trunks ready for whenever hydrotherapy is given the green light.

Visiting hours are from 2pm to 8pm, limited to two at a time. 

Thank you all for your continued support and encouragement.

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