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Friday, 29 April 2016

Month 13 - A chance to say goodbye

José's (Zulu) funeral will be Monday 23rd May 2016.

We will leave the house at about 13:45 and travel José's training route over Shooters Hill to Eltham Crematorium (Falconwood).  The service will be at 14:45 until 16:15.  Everyone is welcome to return to Oxleas Café for a Life Celebration where there will be an opportunity for anyone who wants to to say some words or share memories.

Donations in lieu of flowers should be done for London's Air Ambulance, you can make an online donation by following this link. Without them we wouldn't have had the last 12months together.

If you have any photos to share then please tag José on facebook or email them to me.

If you are a strong cyclist and would like to escort José on his last climb over Shooters Hill or if you are a Runner and you'd like to pace José on the final stretch of his journey - please see details below.

There is limited parking available on Crookston Road.  More parking is available at Eltham (Falconwood) Crematorium SE9 2NL or at Oxleas Wood Café SE18 3JA

Public Transport
Eltham (Falconwood) Crematorium is a short and easy walk from Falconwood rail station.
Bus B15 stops at the Cemetery on Crown Woods Way, and Bus B16 goes to Falconwood station, both deoart from Eltham High Street.
Eltham station is the closest accessible station. The José Hopper (accessible minibus) can be pre booked to take wheelchair users to the crematorium at 14:15. And to the café later. Please contact me or Georgina before Saturday to book.

Cyclists should meet at our house on Crookston Road at 13:30.  At 13:45 you will follow the hearse and limousine along Crookston Road, up Westmount Road to the South Circular and then right on to Shooters Hill (please be aware that this is a steep ride, you may need to let cars pass you safely).  Coming down Shooters Hill the procession will turn right on to Welling Way.  Runners will join at the corner of Welling Way / Rochester Way.  The procession will continue along Rochester Way to Bexley Road and then Crown Woods Way from which it will enter the cemetery.
Please feel free to wear Dulwich Paragon colours or a cycling top that represents a challenge you've completed (I have some of José's tops that can be worn).

This route is wheelchair accessible.
Runners should meet at the corner of Rochester Way / Welling Way at 14:00.  The funeral procession will get to this point at about 14:15. Runners will then lead the way down Rochester Way where they will enter the cemetery via the pedestrian gate on Reifield Road. Note: Dropped kerb for wheelchairs is just after you cross the A2).  Runners will cross the cemetery and rejoin the procession as it enters the crematorium from Crown Woods Way.
Please feel free to wear club colours or a top that represents a challenge you've completed (I have some of José's tops that can be worn).

Travel to Oxleas Café
After the service it is possible to walk, run or cycle from the crematorium back to the starting point and then through Oxleas Wood and meadow to the café.
Those with restricted mobility who have not booked the José Hopper are advised to take bus B15 to connect with buses 89 or 486 going up Shooters Hill from Welling.  Leave bus 89 or 486 at Crown Woods Way (SL)

I shall update this post as and when I have further information.

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